Christian Têtedoie,
Starred Chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Christian TETEDOIE was born near Nantes in 1961 to parents who were market gardeners and his love for good and fresh products undoubtedly generated his interest in cooking.

“Meilleur Apprenti de France” at 17, Christian TETEDOIE continued developing his culinary skills at Paul Bocuse, Georges Blanc and even the kitchens of the Elysee where he was taking care of the presidential meals.

In 1986, he decided to open his first restaurant in Lyon, on the Quai Jean Moulin. Ten years later, he reaped a rich reward from his efforts by winning the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, before obtaining in 2000 his first star in the Michelin Guide.

In March 2010, he opened a new restaurant, where he shares his love for good food while enhancing the French culinary heritage in a very exclusive location on top of Lyon’s hills.

Christian TETEDOIE also wants to promote the values ​​of his profession and he is therefore committed to the development of French gastronomy throughout the world. He has been elected President of one of the largest associations of chefs, “LES MAITRES CUISINIERS DE FRANCE“, in March 2011 (460 chefs around the world).

Mon credo


For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a chef. I’ve tried to understand why; but in the end there is no real explanation – other than my love of good food, perhaps…. Cooking is an innate part of me, and it all clicked one day when my uncle gave me Paul Bocuse’s ‘La cuisine du marché (Cuisine from the market)’ for my 10th birthday. It was a revelation, and at that moment I knew that it was the profession and culinary approach for me.


I am often asked about my sources of inspiration. There are many, but the main one comes from the produce. It is the produce that lets us prepare good cuisine. I never cease to pay homage to it, to highlight it, to prepare it as carefully as possible in order to draw what is best from each ingredient. And I have to admit that when I chose LYON to be my adoptive home I was in luck, as the region is bursting with wonderful produce that every day provides me with a first-class pantry. And then comes the moment when I put my cuisine forth to be discovered. That moment when I bring a dish to the customer is the one I particularly enjoy, for that is when I reap the fruits of my labour. It is at that exact moment that I truly share my passion.


For me, the greatest quality a chef can have is probably generosity. Making others happy will always be what motivates me above all else; it is a source of inspiration and measure of progress. It is with heartfelt joy that I conceive the recipes that you can taste in my restaurant. These recipes are strewn across the seasons and are the reflection of what I have become, a Lyonnais chef. They replace the words I grasp for when I seek to explain the evolution of my cuisine, how it became more intimate, more instinctive, and more daring.


If I wish to reach out to those who taste my cuisine, I have to be sincere. One cannot cut corners with a good product, and the necessarily personal inspirations and technique involved in preparing a dish must be properly handled.

Le plat signature

In this concerto with several voices that represent each dish developed by the chef and his team, there is one that exists since the very beginning of TETEDOIE in LYON, which boldly marries the Lobster and the Calf’s head. From season to season and from year to year, he continues to lend himself to new variations that, while keeping his first chords, develop each time unexpected harmonies. Here is the flagship dish, which stands for signature and reference, and which symbolizes what is the essence of Christian Têtedoie’s cuisine: the Homard Tête de Veau, which has also acquired this indisputable brand of fame to be designated now by its simple initials: HTV, as they say TGV, JFK or BHL …

If it were necessary to analyze the underlying reasons for its success, besides its purely gastronomic qualities, one would see something resembling an alliance of opposites, where, in this symbolic relationship that has always existed between food and the social fact, express in its own way the end of the class struggle, through the union between the noble and elitist prince of crustaceans and the most popular and the most pedestrian offal.

Each season, the lobster and calf’s head lend themselves to all the variations: HTV of the four seasons, evolving each year towards preparations that exalt the basic agreement by opening up new perspectives.


Cuisinier à Lyon

In this book, the chef TETEDOIE unveils his cuisine through some sixty recipes. He claims here his ties to the great tradition of Lyon, while displaying a contemporary interpretation.